Experience of 10 years

Courses, certificates, professional trainers

20Certificates +
10Experts teachers +
1000ِStudents enrolled +
50ِCourses ended +


ِ The positive impact to achieve the unity of spirit, mind and body, the environment, and raise awareness of living life happily, love and peace.

ِAbout us

By participating team makes the expertise, information and services to help us to rise together to higher states of consciousness and enjoy the level of grant life and live the present moment a sense of inner peace and satisfaction, using all available means of communication to get to anywhere in the world.

ِAreas we cover

ِ Self-development - Alkotcheng - Family and Education - etiquette - Public Health - hypnotherapist - skills development - growth and wealth - meditation.


ِ Achieve the unity of spirit, mind and body, environment - Raise the level of human consciousness - Helping to achieve the goals by sharing information and guidance - Offer different products: Training sessions - advice - direct meetings live - programs - Books- audio recordings - videos.